Australia-UK FTA 4 year SC 482 visa

17 April 2024

Lets start the day off with some uplifting news.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs have recently confirmed that as per the agreement contained in the Australia/UK Free Trade Agreement, an applicant for a 482 can be granted a visa for 4 years if they are a citizen/national/permanent resident of the United Kingdom and an intra-corporate transferee, an independent executive or contractual service supplier.

The Department of Home Affairs have confirmed to the MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) that they interpret the meaning of contractual service supplier to be constituted by all remaining natural persons not otherwise covered by the ITO categories contained within a particular trade agreement. 

What does this mean for HR practitioners ?
Overseas nationals applying for a 482 visa and who hold a UK passport or are a permanent resident of the UK, are now able to apply for a 4 year 482 visa regardless of whether the 482 visa is on the short term list of occupations (eligible for a 2 year visa) or not.

Great news for business looking to send UK nationals and permanent residents to Australia to work.
Source: MIA