Jobs and Skills Summit outcomes

So lets not talk about the AFL – biased umpires, unwarranted 50 metre penalties and the point that should have been a goal.  My dog got very nervous about me yelling at the TV but he is a Carlton supporter so didnt take any notice of him. To all of our lovely Brisbane fans, well I hope Sydney win the flag…

To our lovely clients overseas, you really need to get on to AFL. But only if you barrack for Richmond.

So lets get down to the nuts and bolts of last weeks talk fest in Canberra .  Below is the link to the outcomes of the Jobs and Skills Summit .

What are the outcomes for migration ?

Increase the permanent Migration Program planning level to 195,000 in 2022-23

What does this mean for companies ?.  Well not terribly much as the visa subclass 482, 400 and permanent residence 186 (employer nomination scheme) are traditionally seen as demand driven anyway so lets skip to the next point

Provide $36.1 million in additional funding to accelerate visa processing and resolve the visa backlog

So the Government is going to employ staff to start processing the backlog of approximately 1 million visa applications.

Increase the duration of post study work rights by allowing two additional years of stay for recent graduates with select degrees in areas of verified skills shortages to strengthen the pipeline of skilled labour in Australia, informed by advice from a working group

What are the details ?

Minister for Education Jason Clare confirmed that students who are studying in industries that have a skills shortage would be allowed to stay in Australia two years longer, in a bid to aid the skills crisis.

At the moment students graduating with a bachelor’s can stay in Australia for two years, while those graduating with a master’s can stay for three year, and doctorates for four years (though students from Hong Kong and British National Overseas passport holders can stay for five years).

“Important announcement from the floor of the Jobs and Skills Summit — we will increase by two years post-study work rights for international students who graduate from Australian universities in areas of verified skills shortage,” he wrote.

  • Extend the relaxation of work restrictions for student (visa subclass 500) and training visa (visa subclass 407)  holders until 30 June 2023 to help ease skills and labour shortages

What does this mean ?

In January we announced that there was a temporary relaxation of student visa work limits to all sectors of the economy.  We were initially advised by the Government that this measure would be looked at in April 2022.

Well the good news is that if you hold a student visa or training visa holder or employ a holder of either of these visas then the unrestricted work rights continues until 30 June 2023

Everything else that has been announced is just about plans and thoughts and ideas so nothing else concrete yet.   As soon as the plans and thoughts turn into legislation we will let you know.

Until then, may your sporting team win (except Brisbane).