Changes to ENS/RSMS (Employer Nomination Scheme/Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme)

Last week, the Immigration Department announced changes ahead of time which is a wonderful thing to behold.  This will enable visa holders on a current 457 to now start thinking of making plans ahead of time.

What are these proposed changes ?

  • 457 visa applicants who either held or had lodged a 457 visa application on 18 April 2017, will be able to access permanent residence sponsored by their employer under either the ENS or RSMS Programs
  • The 457 visa holder must continue to be employed by the same employer and in the same role
  • The age requirement will continue to remain at 50 years of age

What does this mean ?

If you have 457 visa holders who are looking at permanent residence and held a 457 on 18 April 2017, they will not and we repeat NOT be affected by the change in occupation lists or lowering of the age threshold mooted for early next year.

What does the applicant need to do ?

Your employee must remain in the same role and continue to be employed by you for a minimum of 2 years.  If they are going to be 50 years of age or over by the time they have worked for the 2 years please advise us.

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