Skilled Migration Occupation Lists Review

Clients may be aware that the Department of Employment calls for submissions from business and industry relating to possible changes in the approved occupation list for migration and temporary work visas for Australia.

The next “Traffic Light Bulletin” has been released, listing those occupations that are flagged for possible removal, change in status or addition to the reviewed migration lists.

Possible Changes to Occupations

We do encourage our clients who may be affected by possible changes to the occupations to make submissions about any changes.  You will note that occupations such as Hairdresser and Community Worker are slated for removal which means that they will not be eligible to apply for any work visa.  While other occupations such as Automotive Electrician, Motorcycle Mechanic and Tiler are slated to go to be demoted from the long term (4 year and possible PR) to the short term list (2 year visa and no PR) .  Aged Care occupations such as Aged or Disability Carer which were previously not eligible for a visa are looking like they will be eligible for a 2 year visa.  Bakers and Pastrycooks are looking like they will have a minimum salary of $65,000 pa while Sportpersons (the ones who can win us Gold Medals) will need to be paid at least $120,000 pa. If an occupation does not appear on the Traffic Light Bulletin then no change is proposed to the current status of that occupation.

The Traffic Light Bulletin and further information is available here

Submissions may be made to the Review hereThe submission period concludes on 12 February 2020. To make a submission, please visit the Consultation page.

Please note the Traffic Light Bulletin is a draft for consultation purposes only. It does not represent a decision of Government.

In developing the Traffic Light Bulletin the Department has applied an updated methodology for undertaking its analysis. The updated methodology is available.  As part of this consultation, the Department is working closely with stakeholders to identify new and emerging occupations not currently listed in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). The Department strongly encourages stakeholders to provide evidence of occupations not currently listed in ANZSCO in the online submission form.

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