Visa Executive is changing for the better!

Well if covid-19 didn’t throw enough spanners in the works, the VE team had an extra challenge to overcome this year and we have some exciting news to share!  Following the introduction of federal government legislation to deregulate the migration advice industry which takes effect on 22 March 2021, Visa Executive has successfully restructured to become a registered law firm with the Legal Services Board, Victoria.  


Because at VE our team is our greatest asset, and this legislation would have meant that the Solicitors within our practice could no longer lawfully work for us.  Our team includes both Registered Migration Agents and Solicitors and we have always worked in an environment of mutual respect and support, with an equally impressive level of knowledge and experience with immigration law and policy across our team. Thanks to this restructure, we can keep doing so!


What this means for your business?

This is good news for our clients, with additional consumer protections and insurance coverage flowing from our compliance obligations as a law firm and a diverse range of connections and support networks accessible by our advisors across the legal and migration industries.  

There are of course some compliance changes that come with this transition, and we will be in touch with our clients over the coming weeks to discuss some slight changes in line with our obligations as a law firm.  You may also notice a few minor adjustments to our invoicing and advice emails which are designed to ensure we meet our consumer protection obligations as a law firm.

So its going to be a good year, another flag for mighty the Richmond Football Club, another Brownlow for Dustin Martin and if our borders open this year, it will be the icing on the cake.

Why Visa Executive

At Visa Executive, we provide our clients with:

  • An efficient and transparent service
  • One point of contact for both the client and employee throughout the whole visa process
  • A unique on-line system that enables clients to track the progress of applications
  • A flat structured fee for each visa category
  • Updates on frequently changing immigration laws
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