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The PNG Immigration and Citizenship Services, formally a division of the PNG Department of Foreign Affairs, has undergone recent changes.  The aim of PNGICS is to improve services which have been found wanting in the decade that has been.  With the PNG LNG Project currently in its early stages of construction and a forecasted influx of close to 8000 foreign employees in the next couple of years,  PNGICS is doing all it can to cater for this and has introduced a new system called the Border Management System (BMS).

Border Management System

This system has been an important step in improving and enhancing PNG's Border management and visa processing capabilities.  Visa approvals are now being sent electronically between its Head Office, the Jacksons international terminal and its missions in Australia and New Zealand.  Its next step will be to bring Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing on line.

Medical and Character requirements

Persons intending to travel to PNG are required to be of good health and character.  Depending on the purpose and duration of stay in PNG, medical and a local police clearance certificate may be required.  Where medical documentation is required, a medical examination report must be obtained from an approved doctor or hospital, and if the applicant is over 16 years of age, then a Pathology and Radiology report is also necessary.

De-Facto Relationships

Persons seeking to enter PNG on a de-facto relationship must provide a Statutory Declaration from both parties indicating how long the relationship has been in existence and also a signed undertaking that the de-facto partner will not seek employment whilst in PNG.  Where the relationship has been in existance for less than twelve (12) months, a short term Dependent Entry permit valid for 12 months is issued, however, if the relationship has been in existance for more than 12 months, then a Dependent entry permit is issued in acordance with the Principal's approved stay.

Working Resident

A Work Permit approval must be approved by the PNG Department of Labour and Industrial Relations.  Working Resident entry visas are valid for periods of up to 3 years and are issued for multiple entries in accordance with the expiry dates of the Work Permit issued by the PNG Department of Labour and Industrial Relations. 

In accordance with the PNG Migration laws, the holder of an entry visa must enter PNG within six (6) months of the entry permit being issued, failure to do so will invalidate the entry visa and fresh applications have to be made.  Further, the holder, once having entered PNG, must not be absent for any period exceeding six (6) monhts, to do so will resulty in the permit being cancelled and fresh applications made including new medical and police clearance documentation.

Dependents who accompany the princiapal holder must apply seperately.

Business Visits

Business visas (short term multiple entry) are made available to persons entering PNG to attend business meetings, board meetings, conferences or to negotiate business transactions.  Employment is prohibited.  Dependents who accompany a business entry permit holder must apply for a tourist entry permit.


Certain classes of occupation are either reserved for PNG citizens or have to be advertised prior to having a non-citizen employed.  An employer who applies for a work permit for a non-citizen employee must also provide information about the occupation of the employee.

Work permit extensions

When a work permit and visa are required to be extended without the employee departing PNG, a Training Plan must be submitted and approved by the relevant authorities.  Without an approved Training Plan, it is impossible to obtain an extension and the employee must depart PNG and make an application for a new work permit and visa.

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