Extended Post Study Rights

The Australian Government has announced that the post-study work rights for international students who have graduated from an Australian higher education provider, will be extended to assist in addressing skills shortages.

A list of eligible occupations and eligible qualifications have been released, targeting health, teaching, engineering and agricultural fields.

The extended work rights come into effect from 1 July 2023. Current settings will be increased by two years for each graduate level:

  • two years to four years for select Bachelor degrees
  • three years to five years for select Masters degrees
  • four years to six years for all Doctoral degrees.

Existing regional and remote Australia settings will be maintained and where relevant will be eligible for the additional two years.

These targeted skills will be considered on an annual basis and updated as needed in response to the labour market.

Eligible graduates with a valid Temporary Graduate Visa on 1 July 2023 or who apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa after 1 July 2023, will be considered for the two-year extension.

What does this mean for Australian employers ?

Some graduates from Australian Universities will be able to work with you for longer periods and without any work restrictions.

A reminder to always check the work status and visa expiry on VEVO.